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Good For You

托福阅读质料:Why music is good for you

2013-03-28 10:28

Good For You

逐日学一句英语适用口语:That's good for you

2012-11-22 21:59

Good For You

俚语口头禅美国俚语:That's good for you什么意思?

2012-11-16 10:50


A new research shows that worrying is good for the brain and is vital for human survival, the Daily Telegraph reported.

A study of 42 people found the worst sufferers of a common anxiety disorder to have a higher IQ than those whose symptoms were less severe.

The findings were published in the journal Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience.

Psychiatrist Professor Jeremy Coplan of SUNY Downstate Medical Centre, said: "In essence, worries may make people take no chances and such people in turn then may have higher survival rates." (点击审查原文)





( April 18, 2012)